Jan has worked with many early stage creative businesses, assisting them with her industry knowledge and experience and with her supportive coaching approach in areas including:

  • Reviewing business plans/ambitions
  • Developing short to medium term sales and financial forecasting for business planning and investment
  • Support in accessing grant schemes to assist businesses to develop
  • Export strategies and accessing new markets
  • Supporting market intelligence gathering and formal market research to inform new product lines or validate existing lines
  • Development of business improvement action plans and assistance with implementation
  • Cashflow management, bench-marking against industry norms, identifying efficiency measures, funding of production
  • Costing and pricing methodologies
  • Supplier and procurement contracts
  • Trademarks and IP protection strategies

Erdem - Mary Katrantzou - Peter Pilotto - Marques ' Almeida - Faustine Steinmetz - Craig Green - Grace Wales  Bonner - Molly Goddard - Rejina Pyo - Liam Hodges - Alex Mullins - J W Anderson - Ashley Williams - Meadham Kirchhoff - Sibling - Christopher Raeburn - Louise Gray - Holly Fulton - James Long - Phoebe English - Art School - Rottingdean Bazaar - Agi & Sam - Thomas Tait - Henry Holland - Marios Schwab - Maria Francesca Pepe - Palmer//Harding - Monreal London - Osman Yousefzada - Simone Rocha - Richard Nicoll - MOU

Jan has worked with London's leading business support organisations:  Centre for Fashion Enterprise, InnovationRCA and Fashion East.