"Jan produced an excellent and very thorough piece of research which really exceeded our expectations. Her knowledge and insight is second-to-none and her clear and measured approach makes working with her a real joy!"

Niamh Tuft, Programme Manager, Architecture Design Fashion, BRITISH COUNCIL

“Jan is one of the unsung heroes of the British designer fashion industry. Practical, methodical, organised, business-focused but also passionate about supporting and nurturing creative businesses, she knows and works with many of the most successful British creative businesses and organisations. Her address book is the who’s who of the creative fashion sector. Jan understands the needs, constraints and potential of creative businesses and has the financial skills and tools to make their dreams a reality. In an industry where many designers do not understand the importance of getting the business structure and the numbers right, Jan is a huge assets. Over the years she has mentored and supported many companies and turned them into a success. She has also demonstrated her ability to bring her skills to work with the UK's leading support organisations to access much needed funding to deliver exciting and results-driven business support projects.”

Paul Alger, Director of International Affairs, UK FASHION & TEXTILES ASSOCIATION

“Jan has been really helpful with structuring our business, she has used her previous experience and knowledge in order to propose a suitable structure for our brand and enabling us to make the right decisions whilst we grow. We have seen rapid growth and it is great to have the expertise and knowledge to guide us in the right direction. With careful planning you can sustain the growth and make decisions that will have a long lasting impact.With a growing brand come growing responsibilities and of course a large structure to mange. Jan has helped us make decisions and implement new departments in the company that have helped immensely.
Across finance/cash flow management, has been one of the most helpful areas, as it was the area we had the least amount of expertise in and which of course is so important. We have been able to sort out our past accounts, carefully plan for current seasons and more importantly project for future seasons.”


“I've worked with Jan on several key parts of our business, mainly cash-flow, business plan and seeking investment. Her previous knowledge of a small high-end fashion business start up has helped us to get to the root of any issues quickly and with great understanding. When meeting about our cash-flow, I was able to immediately implement Jan's advice to better monitor and forecast our cash-flow. Likewise with our business plan - I am still working through the business plan to implement Jan's suggestions, but all of her ideas reflected a deep understanding for our business needs. Jan's knowledge of business planning is helping us to tailor our business plan more efficiently and gain a better understanding of our business's future needs. Jan's initiative with the Angels investment programme has been extremely insightful.”


“I have worked extensively with Jan on both the existing business planning and strategic development of my business, primarily with a view to securing funding and finance for the label. I feel Jan has contributed greatly to the evolution of my business on paper and also supported the cash flow and forecasting, all of which have enabled me to pitch confidently on several fronts and prepared both me and the brand for expansion and the future.”